The funny pages

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Science writing doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes it can be silly too.

We’d be the first to admit that some of the content here on TIR gets a bit over-earnest or po-faced occasionally, but with all the pop culture references and intermittent zaniness we do try to keep the tone light.

As a reminder, and a last retrospective before proper postings resume next week, here’s a compilation of our top-rated postings from the sillier end of the scientific spectrum – enjoy!

TIR’s silly side, in order of popularity (click on the titles to see the postings):

1. The cell biologist’s guide to fine dining if research journals were restaurants, what kind would they be?

2. A bartender’s guide to the life sciencesif life scientists were drinks, what kind of tipple would they be?

3. Superheroes of the lab – a spotter’s guidethe everyday superheroes to be found in research groups.

4. The Lumberjack song…for scientistsTIR pays homage to Monty Python. 

5. Lab fiends – a spotter’s guidesome of the rogues to be found in research groups.

6. Great scientists, great moustachesa celebration of scientific facial hair.

7. A (biomedical) Christmas carolwhat would Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” have been like if set in the world of science?

8. Paper diplomacywhat we say and what we really mean in our “response to reviewers” letters.

9. Painted Ladies a short sketch on the theme of gender equality

10. The next top model…organismTIR pays homage to the Bee Gees as we “Stay in the lab”

11. TIR film club: Blade RunnerTIR reinterprets Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic in a lab setting.

12. Stranger PhDingsTIR reinterprets the Netflix sensation in a lab setting.

13. Great scientists, great moustaches Pt2the second instalment of our facial hair appreciation series.

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