Superheroes of the lab – a spotters guide

Superheroes_of_science_labs copy.png
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The superhero craze shows no sign of abating in Hollywood, but a research lab remains as likely a place as any to find unusual talents (after all, how many Marvel characters were created as a result of experiments?). Here, in the first of a two-part series, is TIR’s guide to the superheroes of the lab – science’s own Suicide Squad? Continue reading

The perils of an arranged marriage

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Science is big on collaboration. With such a variety of knowledge and expertise it’s crucial to get advice from, and work alongside, people who are specialists in a particular area. But while that sounds great on paper, it’s surprisingly hard to achieve in practice. Collaborations are actually relationships in a real sense, and like real relationships, they’re very difficult to get right. In fact, many scientific collaborations bear more resemblance to an arranged marriage than a love match.

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