Number crunching (thanks for reading!)


Earlier this week, TIR’s most popular post – “The cell biologist’s guide to fine dining” – went past 10,000 views. A big thanks to everyone out there for reading it, commenting on it, sharing it, and in one outstanding case, for taking 5 minutes out of a Gordon Conference presentation to read excerpts from it (!). Much appreciated.

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Brooke & Oliver

Contraception is not the answer!

Young scientists – better odds than sperm, but not by much.

It’s widely accepted that there is a logjam in the academic career stream. There are too many postdocs for too few faculty positions. The average age for achieving full independence is rising, and the postdoctoral period has gone from being a second apprenticeship to an indefinite stay in limbo. One proposed solution is contraceptive – that we should train fewer PhDs. It’s wrong.

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