As Time Goes By

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Historical accounts of the early days of molecular biology are always galvanising. The protagonists, bold in spirit and cheerful in manner, set off like Dick Whittington in search of their own (conceptual) fortune. With a trusty fellowship under their arm and a skip in their step, these intrepid postdocs jauntily unite with a chosen mentor before ultimately establishing their own independent laboratories. It always sounds thrilling, and beguilingly easy. Continue reading

A small milestone, pt. 2 (thanks for reading!)


TIR started posting in February 2016. Six months on, it welcomed its 1,000th visitor and I’m delighted to report that it’s taken only three months to double that total. A big thanks to one and all who have been reading, commenting on, and sharing the output. Much appreciated.

In this interval, freelance illustrator Oliver Hoeller has joined as TIR’s “artist in residence” and we very much hope you’ve enjoyed his (independent) interpretations of the themes of each posting. Could this be the new Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons combo? Time will tell…

In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you thoughts on postdoc fellowships, some more “how to” guides to continue the impulse started with the guide to asking questions in seminars, and much more!

So a big thanks again to all of you around the world who’ve been sampling what TIR has to offer. If you have any suggestions for future postings or stories that you think should be told, don’t hesitate to get in touch. And in the meantime – keep putting the word out.


Brooke Morriswood; October 2016.