Silent auction – original TIR artworks for Valentine’s Day


To coincide with Valentine’s Day and to mark the first year of TIR, we would like to make a special offer to our readers – a silent auction of some of Oliver’s unforgettable and iconic science illustrations!

This is your chance to get hold of the original versions of the images gracing these webpages, and potentially at a knockdown price (if you’re wondering, the multitasking octopus has already been snapped up).

The auction will run from today until 28th February. Full details on how to participate below.

– The collage shows the original versions being offered, with a pen photographed alongside as a scale bar.

– The list below describes each item, together with the minimum bid value (remember, these are the original versions that are being offered, not prints).

– Send your bid for any image in the display to

On 1st March, the highest bid received will be awarded the image. We will contact all bidders with the results, and arrange the shipping details.

– Anyone who makes an unsuccessful bid will be given the option of (a) selecting an alternative available original version for the bid price, or (b) purchasing a print version of the illustration at a special reduced rate of 25 euros.

– The first five bidders to enter the auction will receive a print version of a TIR illustration of their choice for FREE.

Letter Title Minimum bid (euros)
a A (Biomedical) Christmas Carol 350
b Science’s Ten Commandments 80
c Cooking and Gleaning 150
d Nico Rosberg, Nobel prize-winner 80
e Thicker than Blood 200
f Friendly Fire 200
g Personal Alchemy 200
h The Patron Saint of Science Writing 100
i Carrot or Stick? 80
j G(u)ilded Cages 90
k Sitting Pretty 200
l The Best Scientist on TV 180
m Triage and Assessment in Science 250
n Pop Science 150
o Zen and the Art of Tissue Culture 150
p You Can’t Handle the Truth! (a note on fake news) 150
q Sharing the Load (science and parenting) 80

Note that the frames displayed with images e, f, k are not automatically included.

Thanks for the support,

Oliver & Brooke (TIR)


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