A small milestone, pt. 3, 4 (thanks for reading!)


TIR began in 2016. We’ve had milestone posts to mark our 1,000th and 2,000th visitors, and at the end of May we welcomed our 4,000th visitor.

Then this happened, and we can now greet our 5,000th, 6,000th, 7,000th, 8,000th, 9,000th, and indeed our 10,000th visitors. So it’s not one but two doublings we’re marking today, and we’re well on our way to our next exponential target of 16,000.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.38.52 PM.png
TIR’s visitors to date

Looking back, there was a 6-week hiatus in activity due to Brooke moving house yet again (the inspiration for our “Fast-paced life of a snail” posting), but we’ve otherwise managed to maintain our once-per-calendar-week frequency.

Our series of “How to…” guides, which now includes recommendations on how to write papers, write scientific English, choose a postdoc, choose a PhD, and ask questions in seminars, continue to be very popular. There’s several upcoming items slated for this category, including our first-ever guest posting.

We also had our first posting on evolution, a couple of light-hearted ones referencing “A Christmas Carol” and Monty Python, and one on fake news.

Looking ahead, we’ve got offerings for you concerning scientific collaborations, stress, PhD student numbers, and much, much more.

To the newbies – welcome! We very much hope you’ll continue to visit, explore the existing content, and spread the word to your friends. Don’t forget to sign up at the bottom of the page to receive a notification every time we post something new.

To the stalwarts (you know who you are) – many thanks for the support! We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been up to recently, and that you’ll keep coming back for more.


Brooke & Oliver

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